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Unlimited high speed data with total 4G coverage

  • No installation.
  • Suspend the service temporarily at no cost, and get it back with a call or email.

One Wifi Router with total coverage

No installation WIFI router with total 4G coverture and unlimited data traffic plan that allows high speed browsing.

More than just a
Wifi Router,
it’s the service you need!

Total 4G coverage

4G technology with unlimited monthly data traffic plan

IPTV optimized

Ideal for áreas where fiber optics network (FTTH) is not yet available. Ideal for browsing or watching TV.

Comprehensive connectivity

4G router with Wifi and 2 LAN ports.

High speed

Up to 70 Mb Download speed.
Up to 30 Mb Upload speed.

And the best... suspend

the service and pay only

when you use it*!





VAT included

44,20€/month in the Canary Isalnds

  • Unlimited full-speed
  • Best nationwide coverage.
  • Router with 2 LAN
    ports and improved wifi

60€ bail by router

(will be returned upon delivery of the router)

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We speak your Language


Spanish? Deutsch? English? French? Italian? Language is not a problem. In our Call Centre we speak 5 languages.

Express delivery


Your product working in 24 hr

A service tailored to you


At Maswii we now you don’t always stay in the same country or the same zone, that’s why we are more flexible and we allow you to stop and activate 4G services when you need it, free of charge.

Unbeatable 4G coverage


Your home might not always be in the city centre and that’s why we have broadband solutions wherever you are


At Maswii we solve
all your doubts.

What is the Maswii 4G Unlimited Service?

It’s a Service designed and developed by the Maswii commercial-IT team to provide high speed broadband to our customers who have no FTTH availability or who need a solution they can take with them or suspend for months

What are the advantages of the 4G LTE technology?

  • Higher speed: 4G LTE offers faster internet connection. It has been said that it is about 10 times faster than the previous 3G. Upload speeds can reach up to 50 to 60 Mbps while Download speeds can reach 150 Mbps.
  • Apps and complex IT software dpwnload is also more agile, reaching speeds in excess of 40 Mbps (depending on the location)
  • Movies, videos, series, and YouTube clips are downloaded faster and with no interruption of the connection. Internet forums report that users of 4G devices have downloaded videos up to 700 Mb in just 90 seconds.
  • Certain online apps experience clarity gains and higher definition, that’s what happens with music, radio and TV streaming and video conferences

What equipment do I need to be able to use the service?

You only need the router provided by Maswii and signing up for the service with a call or email

How do I activate the Maswii Unlimited 4G service and the temporary suspensions of the service?

We only need you to send an email to operaciones@maswii.es and we take care of everything.

Can I suspend the service if I return to my country or do not need it temporarily?

Yes, as many times as you need and for a maximum period of 6 months. When we suspend the service, we paralyze the meter for a 12-month minimum stay period, which is reactivated when the service is resumed.

Is dT 4G domestic broadband service unlimited?

Yes . It is unlimited, however, it is also governed by a "Fair Use Policy" under the Spanish Telecommunications Regulators of the CNMC. The "Fair Use Policy" is based on what the average home user should not exceed if they use the service appropriately. Statistics indicate that the average is around 300GB / month.
Maswii reserves the right to suspend service if the "Fair Use Policy" is consistently exceeded monthly and is therefore abused. If after being notified, the abuse of the service continues, Maswii reserves the right to terminate the service and pass on any costs incurred in relation to the cancellation to the customer.

Does Maswii Unlimited 4G service have a munimum stay period?

The contract is for 1 full year (12 months from activation) not counting the temporary suspensions that may be made.